30 little things to be grateful for when everything else is falling apart

If you’ve had a rough day, here are 30 little reminders to make your day a little brighter.

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  • At the end of a bad day (or even a bad week), you might find yourself feeling like everything in your life is falling apart. Nothing seems to be going right, and you can't help but feel overwhelmed. Take a moment to think of the little things that are going right. Remembering the positive aspects of life can lift your spirits even on the toughest days.

  • Here are 30 little things to be grateful for when everything else is falling apart:

  • 1. The bit of alone time you get while your kids are napping

  • 2. The fresh feeling right after stepping out of the shower

  • 3. A compliment from a stranger

  • 4. Handwritten letters (because they're rare and sweet)

  • 5. Your hard-working spouse

  • 6. Doggy kisses

  • 7. A phone call from mom

  • 8. Lazy Saturday mornings

  • 9. Chunky sweaters

  • 10. The feeling of relief after the dishes are done

  • 11. The fast food you picked up after a long day at work

  • 12. Sleeping babies (they're adorable and quiet - it's the best of both worlds)

  • 13. Getting the last slice of pizza

  • 14. Curling up with a good book

  • 15. Chocolate chip cookies fresh out of the oven

  • 16. Making the train right before the doors close

  • 17. Adorable cat videos

  • 18. When your Pandora station is on point

  • 19. Hearing the rain on your roof

  • 20. The first sip of a cold glass of water

  • 21. Sunlight shining through your kitchen window

  • 22. Good hair days

  • 23. Winning a game

  • 24. A new dress

  • 25. Stretching before crawling out of bed

  • 26. Your child's laughter

  • 27. A productive day at work

  • 28. A good education

  • 29. A text from your best friend

  • 30. A new day to start over

  • Try to find at least one thing each day to be grateful for, no matter how small. Your entire perspective could change by focusing on even one positive thing. And even though it won't make the bad experiences go away, it can give you the strength to push forward.

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