Man’s video goes viral after it automatically transports anyone who watches it back to 1988

He said it was his greatest shame. The million people who have watched it don't agree.

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  • When Reddit user "Steve" posted a video of himself receiving a Nintendo from his parents in 1988, he only offered this brief explanation: "I present to you my greatest shame. When my parents surprised me with a new Nintendo."

  • But for the nearly million people who have watched the video, it's pure delight.

  • Little boy Steve, complete with giant, metal rimmed glasses and a striped polo had been saving for a Nintendo for two months when his dad surprised him with one. He could not be more excited.

  • And for the rest of us, it's a pure throwback to the late 80s and 90s. His brother Kyle can be seen in the background watching Ghostbusters, completely uninterested in the Nintendo. Steve, on the other hand, bursts into tears.

  • Viewers seemed to relate to Steve's joyous, gracious reaction.

  • "This is pretty much me....and every other kid who got a Nintendo back then...I remember those tears all too well," wrote Thomas Torre.

  • Are you transported back to 1988 when you watch it?

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