9 GIFs that accurately describe you, you autumn lover

You know this is you ... and you're not even ashamed.

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  • Fall.

  • Can't you just smell the pumpkin-y air when you say it?

  • If you've been waiting all year to finally get out your pumpkin decorations, you'll understand each one of these GIFs. Enjoy.

  • 1. When there's the first slight chill in the air #bootsandscarves

  • 2. When you notice the leaves starting to change colors

  • 3. When October 1st rolls around

  • 4. When you find the perfect one

  • 5. When your friends say you are a little too into fall ...

  • 6. ... and they're all like ...

  • 7. And then you're kind of offended that they don't love fall

  • 8. When you think about October only being one month out of the year

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  • 9. But then you're consoled by the fact that December is coming up

  • Now go enjoy fall!

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