QUIZ: What does your eyebrow shape reveal about your personality?

I'm option 'F'--- it's so true!

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  • When you look at a cartoon, you can instantly tell if the character is mad or happy. How? By the way its eyebrows are angled.

  • We communicate a great deal through our eyebrows. You can tell if someone is being skeptical about something, or if they are angry or if they are surprised.

  • It is fascinating how our eyebrows not only communicate to those around us, but to ourselves as well. Why do they grow in a certain form? Or, if they are naturally bushy and out of control, why have you subconciously chosen to shape them a specific way?

  • What does this tell us about who you are and your personality?

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Mary recently graduated in Visual Communications and is working her way to be able to use her talent for humanitarian aid organizations in third world countries. She has a passion for the artistic realm and focuses her time on graphic design, photography, and most recently, painting.

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